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Dubbed one of the fastest-growing companies of the year, Altitude Ads is a team of creative-minded brand-building superheroes (minus the costumes!) set out to disrupt the eCommerce world forever!

How? Well, we’re a young, vibrant, fast-moving and hard-working team of ambitious creatives, who pride ourselves at being the best at what we do. We’re not linear thinkers, but willing and curious to do things differently.

Creating The Most Innovative Consumer Brands Of Tomorrow. Today.

How We Do It?


A beauty brand that combines advanced Stem Cell and NanoTechnology to create an advanced line of high-quality skin and hair care products.



Our team uses years of advertising experience and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to conceptualize campaigns to sell our carefully selected partner-products online.



Once we develop online marketing strategies that show great promise, we use our deep understanding of major traffic sources and work with them to scale our smash hit advertising campaigns.

Brand growth.png


We work closely with our product partners to ensure a high CLV. This means we optimize front-end campaigns towards maximizing down-stream sales for our exclusive partners.


Our Brands

Our aim is to take incredible ideas, turn them into tangible brands, and use our expertise to grow
those brands into profitable businesses. Here are some of our most recent launches.